Somebody Likes his Potatoes

So sweet pea had some sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. John and Lindsay's family, Luke and Amy's family, and Dominic shared Thanksgiving together at Mechie's house. We all had to be rolled out we ate so much.


Our Favorite Thing Lately....

Nicholas and I love to sit on the couch in the early morning and look at the tree in our backyard. For some reason, he has always been mesmerized by the outside and all the sounds and movements. It is my favorite part of the day as he sits relaxed in my lap, while I drink my coffee, and we both gaze out our big family room window.


Tasting Fall

The trees in our backyard are turning to beautiful orange and red. Nicholas and I went outside today to play in them. After about five minutes of trying to eat the leaves, he started to get very upset at me when I kept taking them away. Dad came home for lunch and to the rescue, but we still had fun.

Veteran's Day Parade in Beloit

So I woke up on Monday morning to and looked out my front window to find an entire marching band, floats, old cars and old men in uniform standing in the street. Hopefully they did not see me staring out my window in my pajamas....anyway....I was informed that morning that there was big parade in town that started in front of our house. We got bundled up, made popcorn and cider, and strollered outside to watch. Only in Kansas will you see giant tractors parade with clowns and marchign bands. Andrew and I enjoyed watching Nicholas watch the parade.


Halloween in Atlanta

Everyone knows the Zuniga family loves to dress up...Dad and Mom mostly. Nicholas was a caterpillar for Halloween and Aunt Grace was a butterfly. We had too much fun with those two.