Saturday Morning Fun

It was our Weekend Sleep In....Avila has so much to say in the mornings, Nicholas LOVES getting in bed to say good morning and smother her with kisses, and Christiana loves to snuggle in with us (but we must have our "blank" to do so).

We had fun taking pics of the three of them.

Please Note: The children below were paid in the form of suckers to take these pictures. Under normal circumstances they would not all be aligned and looking cute by chance. Baby Avila, however, apparently knew what was going on and dutifully posed for the camera without needing any bribes.


Go Fish

It was a perfect summer evening: no mosquitoes, a breeze, and a beautiful sunset....and the fish were biting! It was our Friday family outing.

Andrew's Trophy Bass (the first one he caught was 8lbs!)

Christiana "needed" to fish and exuded a very confident determination.

She caught a lot of line :)