Little Sick Puppy

Poor Nicholas. Oh he was so warm and squishy this morning when he woke up. Why are babies so lushious in the morning? He has a fever from cutting his first tooth. We are a little bit behind in getting our tooths in : ) He is so sad today...laying around and sleeping. A cold carrot felt good on his gums. We've been watching Baby Einstein and reading lots of books to keep our mind off things. Oh sweet Pea!



Per Aunt Tricia's request Nicholas wanted to show off his new loafers.He wore them proudly to church today.


The Wall

Oh Geez...so I took the Challenge girls to go rock climbing at the University of Nebraska. I had no intentions of climbing myself, but something in me had to prove that I could do it. So I climbed the 40 foot wall...hahahah sweaty palms, hot flashes, and nerves...but my competitive streak did not want to die. I got to the top.


Waiting for Spring

Today was another cold somewhat dreary day. Nicholas and I miss our outside play time and long walks. I think we are both anxious for Spring to get here with its warm weather and sunshine. Nicholas has always loved the outside or even looking out the windows. His playpen is right in front of a big window. He often stands up to look out. I forgot to pull the blinds up one time, as I looked over I noticed he manged to find a way to peek out the window. I had to take a picture so I could remember. It made me laugh and added the sunshine to my day.


Shoo Shoo's Favorites

Nicholas' two favorite songs are Skidda Marink and Itsie Bitsie Spider. He will stop crying, crawling, eating, just to listen to those songs. I think he loves the hand motions.

He loves cheese and bread. He will hang out in his high chair and just keep eating all day if we let him.

He loves being wild on our big bed, standing up so he can fall down. So fun. He waves hi, raises his arms to "so big" and clapps to patty cake.

Driving Cap

Our little man in his pea coat and driving cap sports off his Sunday best. All the old ladies in church have a crush on him ; )


Andrew got tickets to the KU vs. Nebraska game in Lawerence for his big Christmas present. He and Nicholas got to spend a lot of one on one time. We had fun playing lots of board games, basketball, and staying up for late night chats. The best was going to the Nutcraker with everyone.

Baby's First Christmas

Experiencing Christmas with your brothers and sisters and little baby holds so much excitement and surprise. We were with Nanna and Grandpa in Atlanta. Nicholas and Aunt Grace enjoyed each others company and shared toys and food for a few weeks. Grace taught Nicholas how to crawl and stand up.