Visit from Aunt Hilary

His fairy godmother came to see him and he was all smiles! Hilary and Tim came for a visit...we played Pass the Pigs and I cried laughing.

The Big Helper

I know all babies go through this phase, but it's still so fun to watch. Part of his daily routine includes opening the one hundred cabinets in our kitchen one by one so he can hear them open and shut. Just a normal routine check. One cabinet has my spices and baking goods...he got into the baking powder, dropped it on his foot and the floor. Cried. Went to the side of the fridge, got out the broom and started sweeping it up. I had a good laugh...his meager but truly meaningful attempts to help clean it up. haha I loved it.


Hike at the Lake

Yesterday, we enjoyed the great outdoors and went for a family hike. It was perfect weather and of course Nicholas was outdoors and happy. He made us smell all the flowers. I'm sore from walking, but it was wonderfully refreshing. Let's see...while exploring we saw the remains of a dead baby dear, badger holes, and giant pelicans out on the lake that looked like small boats. My little nature experience in Kansas.


Little Green Kermit Feet

Andrew didn't put shoes on him at first so his little feet were good and green when I got out there. I wanted to eat them.

Mown' with Dad

I just melted watching him mow the entire lawn holding Andrew's hand. He absolutely loves mowing and was perfectly content to be alongside his daddy. So precious.


Labor Day in St. Louis

Nicholas chilln' in the car with books, baby einstien music and dvds, goldfish, animal crackers, apples...and anything else we could find to keep him entertained. He did so well the whole way there and back : )

Sisters at the zoo.

Nicholas only wanted to push the stroller the whole time - not quite ready to be excited about animals off in the distance.

Aunt Grace with Nicholas after Mass...the 2.5 seconds they actually stood still for a picture.

We had a blast this past weekend surprising the family in St. Louis. And the bigger surprise was Anna and Gabe deciding to surprise the family as well...and with their big baby news!! Woo hoo! We had fun visiting shops and especially the zoo. The bbq on Sunday was sooo good. Only the Zunigas could fit 16 people in a 3 bedroom apartment and make it a crazy fun weekend! I'm still laughing at our Killer Wink game and everyone's eyes and facial expressions. And how funny the boys were with thier 102 phone videos of themselves falling. Great weekend.