The Gymnast

Notes on Pudding

Andrew and I couldn't wait to get her out of bed this morning and sing her Happy Birthday. I honestly have no idea how she is 3...she snuck a year ahead some how.
Breakfast surprises when she came downstairs...

She asked if she could eat her "pupcake"...

Please note older brother Nicholas who has just mastered the art of winking. He now winks at everyone.

Part of her day was a special date out with mom to the local clip and curl...first time ever. Girls are way too much fun!

She sat perfectly still and acted like she knew what she was doing.

She asked for blue (Thomas is blue)...but I told her red may be a little bit better for the Christamas season.

When we got back she recieved a birthday visit from her friend Myla who brought her donoughnuts.

Christiana mysteriously learned all her abc letters...I think Nicholas must have given her night classes, because last month I randomly asked her which letters were which and she knew them all...I know I certainly didn't teach her.

She loves impersonating characters and names each person in the family as well. Most mornings she will crawl into bed with me and whisper..."Mom you be Gordon and I be Percy, Ok?".....and we do right into character..."Oh Gordon, I just so sleepy." ...sometimes I'm a bull or a catipillar and we chat away.

Nicholas is her absolute dearest friend. She sleeps with him in his room, they wake each other up to play to play all day long. She will always look out for him too, making sure he has a snack or is informed when we are going somewhere. They truly are the best of friends.

Christiana adores her hero, Dad and often says when he comes home, "I gist you best fwend."


Droopy Does Backbends

Resemblence Anyone?

Droopy will now do a backbend ... her head is one ince from the countertop.