Bathtime Anyone? Anyone?

Somebody realizes he has a belly...a big one. What a wittel wamb...does he know we sqeeze him for fun? I love giving him a bath and wrapping him up in this towel because his squishiness multiplies. yum.


Itsy Bitsy Sweater Vest

These hand motions are his attempt in doing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".


He's All Boy

Nicholas turned 11 months yesterday...we figured we procrastinated long enough in cutting his hair so Dad took out the buzzer. He didn't seem to mind - we distracted him with running the bath water - once that water is turned on he goes into a trance. So we were able to give him a clean first cut...sort of.


The Dirt Clod

From out of nowhere there appeared a giant dirt clod on my kitchen floor. It was a crazy busy day so of course I looked at the dirt 14 times telling myself i need to sweep it up...but somebody else got to it before me....choo choo. I looked down at my son who had a little black ring of dirt around his mouth and there was none to be found on the floor. His first taste of earth.

What A Week

The little cold and fever Nicholas had turned into the flew and lasted six days...on Saturday we finally came out of our cave to see the world again. It was a georgeous day...65, blue skies and sunshine. I wanted to eat the weather. The warmth was a sheer bliss.
The most exciting happening of this week was that Nicholas said his first word. "Hello" Not the most original, but it is hard to prounounce. Andrew and I about tipped over each other when he said it...three times in a row. So first word, first tooth...I never thought I could get so excited for a tooth and a word. Funny how his simple little life makes my own life hold so much meaning.

A Small Trial

Today was an official"hard day". For some reason Nicholas cried - all-day-long. I couldn't figure out what was wrong - no fever - can't really see any more teeth, but maybe that's it. He didn't want to be held or put down...wouldn't eat...nothing seemed to hold his attention - except reading. So my wonderful amazing husband read to him for an hour when he got home from work. We read every book we had...three times. In this picture the book said to clap and Nicholas did so obediently....little stinker.