She's My New Favorite Past Time

Visit from the Little Glow Worm

He is too cute for words. In our family, when you're born, you are donned with several nicknames. He has the biggest beautiful eyes and the plumpest cheeks. And when in his sleeper and night cap is a little glow worm.

It's bee one week since we baptized the little bulldog pup. What a special day and we were so grateful to share it with family.

I feel extra close to Dominic, since I was a proxy for Madeline and also because he is wearing my Baptismal gown ; ) (it's all I could find and Tricia forgot hers)

Proud Daddy and Big Brother John.

Even cousin Margaret came....walking and all.

Highlights of the weekend included:

Hearing every one's engagement stories...thanks Patrick!

Post Baptism musical entertainment by the Simpson brothers...impressive.

Three State Champion Wrestlers in the house- so there was a lot of wrestling...
Some really good stories...

More wrestling...

And Playtime with Baby Juan, who didn't take off his rosary the entire weekend. :)


On Hearts...

Our Valentine:


Leaving today to attend my Papaw's funeral. He had one of the biggest hearts I know, he wasn't afraid to sacrifice anything - living for God and his family - always serving. I hope my heart may be as big as his some day.


Wall Art

Oh yes. The amazing work of two small children with two black sharpie markers. They were "playing quietly" while I was on the other side of the house cleaning our sun room (which had become a storage closet). I came in to find this....

Well, I calmly and furiously (is that possible?) yelled and asked what possessed them to write on the wall...with SHARPIE markers of all things.

I recieved back looks of shock, as they wondered what possessed me to get so angry? Apparantly, drawing on paper or the wall is easily interchangable.

I knew they didn't really think much about it as Nicholas kindly showed me "a river with fish in it."

I figured coloring on the bathtub and tile walls with bath crayons broke down some natural barriors of what constitutes a suitable place for coloring. Of course, they would find sharpies instead of using the 346 washable markers we have laying around everywhere.

He promised he wouldn't do it again, or do it in the basement either.

"The basement?" I asked in bewilderment. A slight brush of panic....heading to the basement....

My gosh, it looked like the work of 20 people!! Was I really cleaning that long? Not shown is a rocking chair, lamp shade, and various other items wonderfully adorned in creative expression.

Luckily it comes off woodwork with hairspray.

The walls will be repainted...so glad we have ample amounts of spare time to do that.

Oh the happy joys of parenting.