The First Summer Wipe Out

We were going for a quick stroller ride and he fell out at the same time I accelerated and landed face first into the dirt road. He cried hard for about two minutes and thirty seconds and stopped...I told him he could have a popsicle. He still whimpered, poor thing. I'm sure I'm do for a great many more bigger and bolder bruises and cuts with this little outdoors man. (Please note: the buzzed hair cut is two weeks old at this point. Andrew had some down time when I left for camp.)


Mass with Fr. Scott and some of the girls

I recruited my sisters to help...we had so much fun together.

I spent the first two weeks of June getting ready for and putting on a camp. I was lucky enough to be apart of the Challenge Regional Convention this year at Rocky Vine in Dutzow, Missouri. I am still sleeping off the late night/early morning, 14 hr. days filled with watersliding, bike riding, Jesus loving, conferenceing that went on for a week. The best was seeing the transformation of the girls and my own heart got a good whack in the head. I probably needed it most.