Funny Sayings

Two Months Ago:

Nicholas is screaming. He has a severe red rash on his bottom.
Me: "I'll make it all better. Let's put some cream on it."


Me: "Nicholas, Daddy is very sick."
Nicholas: "You need some tream on it." He goes over to the diaper drawer. Takes out the cream. Opens and applies some to Andrew's belly. "There...all better."

At night...Me: "May Mother Mary watch over you and may the Guardian Angels protect you."
I forgot one night and as I was leaving,
Nicholas: "Mom, may guardan angels protec you."
Nicholas "I wanna listen to "Female Deer" mom. (Do Re Mi from Sound of Music)

Nicholas "I so tired." .... "Say me too, momma."
Me: Me too! (guess I say that a lot ; ) oops)

Two Days Ago:
Leaning over his carseat to Christiana, "I rode on a Combine Pudding" He was so excited to share his big adventure with her.