Ooohhh....little eskimo pie has some mocassins. We call him "small one". Looks like he skinned a rabbit and is wearing it on his feet.

Santa Clause is Comn' to Town

Somebody is anxiously awaiting. Sweet Pea better watch out, better not cry, better not pout I'm telln' him why. But he's been pretty good...we have our moments as you can see. He loves the Christmas lights and being outside in the snow - no matter how cold it is out there.


Somebody Likes his Potatoes

So sweet pea had some sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. John and Lindsay's family, Luke and Amy's family, and Dominic shared Thanksgiving together at Mechie's house. We all had to be rolled out we ate so much.


Our Favorite Thing Lately....

Nicholas and I love to sit on the couch in the early morning and look at the tree in our backyard. For some reason, he has always been mesmerized by the outside and all the sounds and movements. It is my favorite part of the day as he sits relaxed in my lap, while I drink my coffee, and we both gaze out our big family room window.


Tasting Fall

The trees in our backyard are turning to beautiful orange and red. Nicholas and I went outside today to play in them. After about five minutes of trying to eat the leaves, he started to get very upset at me when I kept taking them away. Dad came home for lunch and to the rescue, but we still had fun.

Veteran's Day Parade in Beloit

So I woke up on Monday morning to and looked out my front window to find an entire marching band, floats, old cars and old men in uniform standing in the street. Hopefully they did not see me staring out my window in my pajamas....anyway....I was informed that morning that there was big parade in town that started in front of our house. We got bundled up, made popcorn and cider, and strollered outside to watch. Only in Kansas will you see giant tractors parade with clowns and marchign bands. Andrew and I enjoyed watching Nicholas watch the parade.


Halloween in Atlanta

Everyone knows the Zuniga family loves to dress up...Dad and Mom mostly. Nicholas was a caterpillar for Halloween and Aunt Grace was a butterfly. We had too much fun with those two.


Football Season

We LOVE fall and football. The Nebraska USC game was so fun to tailgate and pregame. We went with Hilary and Tim to listen to the band play Friday night. Nicholas was scared by the noise at first, but got used to it. Now he wants to play the drums...(we think). Saturday we spent all day on campus tailgaiting. Andrew and Matt Bover raced through a giant blow up obstacle course. Andrew got beat...pretty bad. We got to hang out with all the siblings and eat good food...fun times.



Orlando Family Vacation

So we all trooped down to Orlando and reneted some condos...All 16 of us invaded Disney World...I think people thought we had to be apart of a show or something. The beach was a blast and we rode the waves on inner tubes for hours. Now, baked to crisps we are recovering the from van ride back.


4th of July in Lincoln

So Nicholas celebrated 4th of July with his aunts and uncles in Lincoln. We went up to the lake the day before to watch fireworks and he slept through them. We barbequed with Hilary, Tim, Kristin, and Mammy and company. Good times.


He's Baptized!!

Fr. Paul Moreau, L.C. brought Nicholas into the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday in the Holy Spirit Catholic church high school chapel. Uncle Paul made his First Communion with him. We had some close friends witness our special day...Krisit and Patrick, Vanessa, Claire, John and Meg Lambert, Bobby and Katherine....and other families. Nicholas didn't make a peep...our little saint.

Kansas Trip

We headed up to Kansas to look for a house! Nicholas got to have lots of special time with Grandma Mechie. : )


Tricia Visits Nicholas in Houston

We had so much fun with Tricia here. We went out Friday. Sat. was Cinco de Mayo BBQ with Matt and Jen and James. Sunday we went for a long walk in the park....lots of quality time with Aunt Trish the dish. (aka Jill)

Our Balding Babe

We think he is looking more like daddy, at least he has his nose and mouth.

So our little sweet pea lost his hair up top. Ha, poor thing, of course we think he is still cute, but we parents are partial. He is gaining lots of pounds and eating a ton. He LOVES to go outside. If he is upset or in a crying rage, once taken outside he calms down instantly. The same goes for stroller rides and car rides - anything with motion - total boy.


Anna's In Town

Aunt Anna came in for the weekend to see Nicholas. She got to spend lots of quality time with sis and nephew. ; ) Nicholas loves his new cowboy boot slippers she got him! We love Anna!!!

The Bathing Experience

Whoa...so we attempt to give Nicholas his first bath (other than a sponge bath). We change his diaper which had been recently filled (we thought we were safe)....but no....after several attempts at getting the water temperature not too hot and not too cold, the bath tub is almost ready. Meanwhile, Nicholas jet sprays our entire countertop....we clean that up, place him in the tub and he starts to scream....we get him calmed down and it is peaceful for 30 seconds....then....gurgle gurgle gurgle....bubbles....he's pooped in the tub. We laughed pretty hard...changed the water...at this point he is wigging out...poor thing. He finally settled down once we got him out and swaddled in his little towel.


Our Little Easter Egg Arrives!

After about 14 hours of labor little Nicholas William Niewald entered the world weighing in at 7bls. 11 oz. and 21 inches. We don't think he looks like either of us distinctly, but he is our cute bundle of joy. His cord was wrapped around his neck twice! All in all the labor experience was good. The room had the doula and her assistant, Andrew, my mom and the nurses....it was a party. Soon afterward Dad and my sister Grace joined us. We all took pictures together. Wow - what a priviledge it is to be able to bring a new life into the world! We are loving it.

Visit from the soon to be Granparents and Aunt Grace

We had fun with my mom and dad and little Grace. Hoping to go into labor before they left on Wednesday, I was lucky to start feeling contractions on Tuesday night after our Italian dinner out.


So...just a small blog to keep all family and friends up to date. This week we anxiously await baby niewald due April 2nd. We can not wait to see if it is a boy or girl and who it will look like : )