Good Morning Life

I wake up to these two boys everyday and I LOVE it. At about 7:30 a.m. Nicholas wakes up and I hear him talk to himself for awhile in his crib. I go in to find big brown puffy eyes and a squishy face smiling at me. Augh! Andrew usually greets me the same way...except with blue eyes and minus the squishy face. Thankfully, I have two boys that are definately morning people becuase I need a pick me up when I get out of bed.


Spud Head

This big head is irresistible. Need I say more.

Yogurt Face

He's a big boy now that he can eat with a spoon. I just left him too long with yogurt and he realized it is too much fun to play with.

Lazy Summer Days

Nicholas' newest feat a couple weeks ago was learning how to drink out of a straw. Sipping on a capri sun entertained him as he "helped" Dad wash the car.

We had a short and sweet visit from cousin John who drove down from Omaha before leaving for Notre Dame. We had good conversations and shared lots of insight. We decided that we are creating a town of Slonkoskys and Zunigas by the way.

Well, this big little tower was built awhile ago actually, but I couldn't help and put up the picture. I will find towers like this around the floor because he loves to build with his blocks. For some reason it is so cute to me. I'm totally a first time mom.


Back from Vacation

So I took a long vacation from our blog...but we're back. These were some favorite shots from the vacation we took with my family. Maybe it's just taken me this long to recover and come out of "vacation mode." Nicholas was enamored with the sand, as was aunt Grace(in her floral two-piece).

We did everything from rowing in canoes,tubing, to hiking, to cards and as always, playing the classic game of "family". On the hike was a beautiful waterfall and Joe was the loner who decided to jump off it.