Of Goings On...

If I don't blog much...it's because I'm enjoying much of this...

She's quite the little busy body, lots of drawers to empty, people to see, toys to take away, phones to steal, cats to follow, tables to climb....we go go go all day long.

Although physically demanding...chasing and cleaning and I no longer have ear drums due to very piercing screams when we are tired, thristy, hungry, or don't get what we want....

I get excited to get her up every morning...loving every moment.


The Tale of The Apple Pie

The tale begins with a phone call from my sister-in-law, Lindsay. She was telling me about a pie making class she wants to attend by a famous lady who starting baking pies after her husband died because it was therapeutic for her. She then baked pies for other people who lost loved ones and then somehow famously ended up making pies for Hollywood starts. So the story goes.

A few days go by....

My sister Angela called and told me about her no sugar- honey -apple pie she just made.

My anticipation for a making an apple pie mounts.

I then very romantically started dreaming up my weekend plans to find an apple orchard and then have my house smell like autumn with a beautiful apple pie baking in the oven.

Rude Awakening Numero Uno:
I live in the middle of a wheat field...there is no blooming apple orchard within 120 miles of me.
I went to the local store and bought some granny smiths on clearance.

Rude Awakening Numero Dos:
I kinda forgot that I need ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELING when I bake any sort of pie because pie is pie and the crust part hits a nerve. I imagine beauty and something you could put in a cookbook it is so perfect....and I get "My 3 year old could have done better than what this pie looks like" pie. 

Just as I am experiencing heightened amounts of frustration and desperately trying not to use any expletives while shaping a very deformed crust, Avila chooses to come cling at my legs and let out high piercing screams....for fun.

I bent down and said, "Please go away, I'm trying to make an apple pie!"

Swallow and breath....take deep breaths....take really deep breaths....(someone could have easily mistaken me for going into labor)

Okay...so I give up on the pretty looking, blog posting, worthy pie and get the dang thing in the oven...at least it will taste good.


The stupid foil around the edges trick...those things never stay on...anyways....take foil off...bake last ten minutes....

If you remember in ten minutes...which turned into 20! (More suppressing of cuss words)

Well, it was browned, but not burned, slightly dry, but still delicious. Of course I was taken aback by my very large burst of emotion through the whole experience.

And so, the pie was eaten, both humble and apple.

The End.

Just Kidding....

Here She is....the Pie of Truth....I now have a whole other way at looking at myself. Thank you Apple Pie.



That Parent and The Adjustment Bureau

We had Parent Orientation the other week. I was soooo the "First Time Parent" getting to the classroom early, gleefully looking around at everything in the classroom and wanting to sign up for every possible volunteer opportunity. While everyone other parent modestly signed up for one activity, I restrained myself to sign up for only three. Any questions? I had 63. I went so far as to suggest to the teacher that she video the kids for a day so we can see them in action. Wow...did I really suggest that? And the thing about it is...I knew I was "that parent" the whole time, I just couldn't help myself.

How Are We Adjusting?

Here at the Adjustment Bureau we have tried to correct certain issues such as this:

I was telling Nicholas to get ready for school the next day and Christiana welled up in tears and cried, "I don't want Nicholas to go to Kindewgawten."
and then sporadically throughout the day, " I miss Nicholas".

(I guess her paint sets have lost their luster.)

With this....

                                         Making and Eating Sweets....
 Wearing Nicholas' clothes (Nicholas kindly offered her his tshirt, shorts, socks and old shoes to wear and they were both so proud of the ensemble)

Bake Bread in your Underware - Highly Theraputic

So I promised these grand things, like going to the library, baking chocolate chips (cookies), and play dates and a whole host of other things. But surprisingly she is really good about entertaining herself and keeping content.

Avila's doesn't seem to mind Nicholas being gone, she busily resorts to her morning reads...

Fridge Raids...(I looked at this picture and then cleaned out my fridge...wow)

And Trying on Everyone's Shoes...

Oh the places those stubby hobbit feet wonder. I do bathe her every once in a while. 
Lately we have been able to sport this little sprout. 

In Other News....
We received a generous portion of onions from a local farmer and Andrew was giddy with excitement because we would be saving money. I love this man. He took the initiative to peel, chop and bag all 99 of them, watering our eye balls out and all....

Please note his glee...
Just a few more photos of her sprout, the fat that gathers over her knees, kankles, and a squatting position that makes me grit my teeth with her chub drooping over.
I could look at those legs all day...well I do really.

We are appreciating our adventures and exploring with new crafts and cooking projects. It has been so fun having these two girls at home! They are not without their squabbles and screams and there is more play food and dolls laying around than trains and tractors. And so our little life goes on...


Nothing Better Than Family

There really is nothing in the world better than time spent with my family. Labor Day 2012 and I got a spontaneous visit from my parents and siblings and my sister Tricia and Phil! My heart is heavy as I write this because they left today, but I am so grateful for the memories they imprinted on my kids and for the time I was able to have with them. We rolled out the good recipes for amazing food, lots of sonic happy hour runs, and story telling.

Notes of Thanks....

To Dad: for making the long drive out here after having traveled across the us all summer, for getting here and working on my bathroom, and my favorite thing I'm so grateful for, is being able to share a cup of coffee with you each morning.

To Mom: for coming amidst a hurricane amount of work, for the story time you had with Nicholas and Christiana, and for your constant words of wisdom from years of sacrifice. I always feel at peace after I talk with you.

Tricia: For the amazing muffins ;), for bringing your two other little muffins,we could never get enough of you or them, and for making the trip out!

Jana: For having the idea of a family visit in the first place, for cooking with me, for running through the sprinkler, I thank God for giving me a sister that loves all the same things I love, my heart always feels fuller after being with you.

Peter: For packing the food and helping to get the van ready to leave, for our sporadic drives so as to shave minutes off your 40 hours, for your big ideas that I find intriguing, and for always keeping us up to date ESPN's latest and greatest.

Paul: For playing for hours with Nicholas, for holding each baby, for the memories you gave Nicholas and Christiana, you are their hero and they are looking up to a boy who is so generous and loving to those around them.

Gianna: For sleeping with the little ones, for taking care of all their little needs, for your constant happiness, and always being the first to help, pick up, fetch, or offer up, without even blinking. Thank you for inspiring me to be a joyful giver.

Grace: Thank you for your voice, it makes me want to pinch you...for providing me with belly laughs when you so dramatically and perfectly express your feelings.

Phil: For always bringing up the level of fun and crazy to every event, and for your manliness.

A small glimpse of weekend activities:

So there was this sleeping arrangement: Aunts Gianna and Grace with their niece and nephew...we heard lots of stories and giggles from downstairs.

I named Paul the "Baby Wisperer" because he had every baby and child reaching for him and eating out of his hands. Paul has a special gift and knows how to play with children in a unique way; he spends so much time with each one and he knows all their unique needs and preferences. He is favored above all.

It wouldn't be a proper visit without a good fishing trip. Saturday morning we all put on our adventure shoes and headed out to a pond with hopes of some good catches.

Jana caught her first fish and you could hear her victory squeals from a mile away.
Observing with wonder and awe
                                    Fun with sticks. Every child needs one.
                                                                  Papaws first catch!

Avila thought we were there to go swimming in the pond and was quite determined. Luckily, she was easily distracted with juice boxes, fruit snacks, and more juice boxes. Such her mother's daughter, feed me and we are good.

                                          Little Miss Sunshine!
    Our super good looking fishing guide and his muddy partner.
                                                                  Me, Jane, and Mom!
           Paul had a good catch! Peter had a lucky night the next day.

One of Andrew and I's favorite thing to do is walk to Mass on Sunday. I love to walk in the mornings on a Sunday because everything is so quiet and peaceful and it gives us time to think and enjoy. Well, the family was game so all  15+ people, (6 of them under 5) paraded to church not quietly or peacefully but fun all the same.

             A balmy Sunday afternoon...we busted out the baby pool and sprinkler for one last hurrah.

Jane was such a good sport and ran through!!

He was the coveted item of the weekend. Everyone took turns squishing his lusciousness.

I felt we needed to have one more viewing of her amazing bikini body before the end of summer, so we busted it out, polka dots and all.

Big heave....sigh....wonderful family time.