Why do we feed babies spaghetti?

I ask myself this every time. It gets all over every square inch of his body somehow. I find noodles in the back of his shirt to his ankles. Then there is the inevitable massage through his hair.


Sweet Summertime

All the Niewald fam was all in this weekend. We decided to fill these cute little water balloons (no bigger than a three year old fist) and have a waterballoon fight. Right. It quickly escalated into a dumping water fest.

Andrew was a popular target.

I was in the baby pool with Nicholas and a camera...I got dunked - heartless mongruls.

Nicholas drying off and watching all the action.

Lots of wet and sobbing children running around everywhere.

Sporting his new 2008 swim trunks...Nicholas tested out the water today. He found his tummy (hard to miss), squished water balloons, and splashed for hours.

He loves hanging out with the ladies at the pool: cousins Lily and Scholastica.

Mornings with Nicholas

Waking up...has been a new experience for this past year. The first months were painful, but now it is sweet. Nicholas wakes up early and we get him a cup of milk and he squeezes in between Andrew and I and lounges while he drinks. Then he crawls on me and rests his head for a while as he slowly gains more energy and before I know it he is bouncing his chubby little belly all over my bead. It's a great way to wake up lately.

This is what I get to wake up to most mornings. I creamy lushious face ready to take on the day.

The morning hours are our best times for play. This particular morning I was relishing his really short shorts which were also tight and made his buns cute. Watching his little busy body play in those pajamas makes my day.



Part of Nicholas and I's favorite part of the day is to have Andrew come home for lunch. Today it was so warm and sunny that we decided to have a picnic in the back yard. Nicholas sat and diligently ate everything on his plate and then moved to eating everything on my plate. He has a passion for food.