Ciao di Roma...

Ange in Rome with her "Pope Squeezed" hand.

So Mangela is touring the great city of Rome. I got to chat with her on Skype last week while she was in a cafe; she was telling me about all her adventures. (I've decided that I will get spend a semester in Rome when I get to Heaven) I ooed and awed over all the stories and wine and cheese. The best part about her trip so far was that Pope Benedict XVI squeezed her hand while she was attending a concert to celebrate the 80th anniversity of Vatican City. Everything from her bioethics classes given by a priest from Japan to meeting a priest that is a Prince and having a retreat in a castle to the chocolate nutella sounds absolutely amazing. We miss our Auntie though!


Puddings Many Faces

I just cant' take enough pictures of her lately.

Miss Daisey

Mini Thunder Thighs

I'm having too much fun.

I'm all cheek!


Good Book

I've been reading "Grace Cafe: Serving up Recipes for Faithful Mothering" this month. I found myself ordering a copy during a sleep deprived moment and realizing my apparant stock of virtue no where to be found...a few weeks after Chritianna was born. It has been an excellent read so far. The author worked very close to Mother Theresa and raised 5 children of her own. Its pages hold ideas and insights to being a mother, some that I've always known as well as many I'm learning. Thank goodness for great apostles such as these in our Catholic church.

Pudding is 2 Months Old!


Over the Weekend...

Andrew coached the middle school girls basketball team to the final championship game this past weekend. They came in second, but looked great.

Pudding tried to watch her daddy coach, but couldn't stay awake.

On the way home from a previous game, Nicholas fell asleep in the car. I had asked Andrew to try and keep him asleep when he took him out...he brought the whole carseat in - genius...he stayed asleep.



This little boy brings so much joy to our lives...every time I hear him laugh like this I can't help, but laugh. Any stress I've had disappears and I thank God for such a great blessing in Nicholas.