Veteran's Day Parade 08

The parade this year was cold and it had rained, but luckily it stopped for the parade. Nicholas and Henry enjoyed watching the bands and everyone tossed them candy. I think they had more than on Halloween. It was a good time, good marching bands, old cars, clowns, and firetrucks went by and I was was entertained watching Nicholas watch the parade.


Wherever Nicholas Goes...So Goes the Puppy

Little did Anna know she was buying Nicholas' favorite dog. This little store we have downtown has these stuffed puppies. I go in once every week or so to get coffee or whatever and Nicholas goes for the this puppy every single time. I have to give distract him with food to let it go so we don't take it out of the store with us. Well, when Anna came, she bought it for him and he hasn't put it down since. As you can see, it follows him wherever he goes. I think they have the same eyes.


First Immediate Family Member to Visit Beloit! Anna!!

A highlight of Halloween weekend was definitely having Anna and Gabe here! They got to go trick or treating, we took walks, did some shopping, Gabe got to experience a pheasant hunt, and we had lots of good food and people to share them with. Nicholas looked for his new favorite Anna when they left. We miss them already.

Halloween in Beloit

Oh wow - we had a blast. It took about 20 orange tic tacs for Nicholas' face make-up to be put on, but other than that he did really good in his costume and kept his wig on the entire time. I told him he had to where his "hat" if he wanted to go outside. He did so dutifully.

There were kids everywhere - I think about five families with countless aunts and uncles to join in on the trick or treating. The mob of us made a quite a scene as fifteen kids, babies, and 20 million adults trooped up to each house. Nicholas hit the wall with a "minor" tantrum by about 8p.m. with a belly full of sugar, teeth coming through, and exhaustion settin in. Andrew and him had a bonding moment outside for awhile. We all crashed at the house and enjoyed a party with chili and beer and good conversation. Good times.

Visit from Soon to be Uncle Phil!

We were surprised with a pop in visit from Phill Simpson who was passing through from Colorado on his way to Tennessee. He stayed long enough to get some sleep, food, and make a new friend. We had some great chat time and he will be missed and in our prayers when he heads to Iraq next week!