Halloween in Beloit

Oh wow - we had a blast. It took about 20 orange tic tacs for Nicholas' face make-up to be put on, but other than that he did really good in his costume and kept his wig on the entire time. I told him he had to where his "hat" if he wanted to go outside. He did so dutifully.

There were kids everywhere - I think about five families with countless aunts and uncles to join in on the trick or treating. The mob of us made a quite a scene as fifteen kids, babies, and 20 million adults trooped up to each house. Nicholas hit the wall with a "minor" tantrum by about 8p.m. with a belly full of sugar, teeth coming through, and exhaustion settin in. Andrew and him had a bonding moment outside for awhile. We all crashed at the house and enjoyed a party with chili and beer and good conversation. Good times.

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