"Under Construction"

Andrew and I decided it would be fun to dress up this Halloween as Construction workers...

I'm "Under Construction" and Andrew is the "Builder" : ) Get it?

The little projcect is due to be complete June 21st! I didn't think it was possible to be even more excited for this one than I have been for the first two. I CAN NOT wait!!!


Nothing Is Getting Done

Because I'm starring at these minitures all day long. I just can't help myself.


Conversations with Nicholas

Usually transpire like so....

Nicholas: "Mom, where do itches live?"

Me:"Umm...under your skin."

Nicholas: "No they don't, they live in trees so they make the trees itch."

Me:"Really? Huh, I never knew that."

Nicholas sitting at the breakfast table:"Me and Lily are going to drink apple cider and walk by ourselves."

Me:"Nicholas you never walk by yourself, without mom and dad, that is dangerous." (He previously ran over to Meech's house without my knowning the day before)

Nicholas:" What is dangerous?"

Me:"Strangers could come and take you away. You always need to be with mom and dad."

Nicholas turns to Christiana and says:"Pudding, you can't go by yourself. You could get a stranger and it will get a knife and kill you and take your heart."

Me: "What? (Where on earth did he come up with this?) Sort of. Yes, we don't want that to happen to Pudding."

Nicholas: "No...Puddings heart is nice. I think a bee is eating my cereal."


So I Did It...

After two cameras, trial and error, months of research, I've finally taken the plunge and will never look back....

They say it's an expensive hobby...it is. It doesn't fit into our Total Money Makeover plan, except that I saved, sold on ebay, and paid with cash.

My reasons: To grow and become better at an art that I have always loved. And to take amazing photos of my most valuable life treasures - my kids (and my husband;).