Conversations with Nicholas

Usually transpire like so....

Nicholas: "Mom, where do itches live?"

Me:"Umm...under your skin."

Nicholas: "No they don't, they live in trees so they make the trees itch."

Me:"Really? Huh, I never knew that."

Nicholas sitting at the breakfast table:"Me and Lily are going to drink apple cider and walk by ourselves."

Me:"Nicholas you never walk by yourself, without mom and dad, that is dangerous." (He previously ran over to Meech's house without my knowning the day before)

Nicholas:" What is dangerous?"

Me:"Strangers could come and take you away. You always need to be with mom and dad."

Nicholas turns to Christiana and says:"Pudding, you can't go by yourself. You could get a stranger and it will get a knife and kill you and take your heart."

Me: "What? (Where on earth did he come up with this?) Sort of. Yes, we don't want that to happen to Pudding."

Nicholas: "No...Puddings heart is nice. I think a bee is eating my cereal."


The Trailovs said...

i really did laugh out loud. love it!

Grace Marie said...

Hilarious!! so sweet

Anna Liesemeyer said...

laughing. so. hard.