Easter with Three

Each holiday as we take family pictures is so different from the last as we grow! Sometimes I feel like I am looking at these pictures 10 years from now...and I'm going to ache to squeeze their little cheeks and bellies and long for them to be little and full of wonder again.

Thankful to grasp "the now" that is my life and trying to keep my perspective in check: that if they were sick or gone, their whining would be music to my ears and every tumble, need, and potty take would be a priviledge to serve.

We were so lucky to head up to Nebraska and spend Easter with Andrew's sisters and family, with Lindsay 9 months pregnant and due anyday, she happily welcomed all of us into her home. The kids were in Heaven and they all got to sleep together. Lots of giggles and belly laughs were had by all.
Lindsay was so kind and brave to open up Easter Egg Dying to the masses. I thought would have never entered into the brain waves of mine. Thankfully, she's a pro and the kids were in amazement and awe throughout the entire process.

Here's Sam, dying eggs shirtless. Kristen's kids are very street smart and they always know exactly what's going on and the best way to do it.

The Big Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks Uncle Dom for your creative ways of hiding eggs. Nicholas find a pile of 8 in one spot. How clever and yet...convenient.
(Please note Eva's egg gathering skills)

Somebody else found an Easter Egg. She shook it for a good 20 minutes until it finally popped open. I came back to find a soggy pink jelly bean in her mouth. First Easter happiness.

(I wonder if I took enough pictures of her in this pose.)

Andrew is always up for a good race.

One of my favorite things about Lindsay is that she loves to decorate and make things look big and beautiful and notices all the detials. Each holidy is made more special when she's apart of it!

Easter Evening...
We casually strolled across the street to the duck pond, threw a frisbee, watched the ducks, and enjoyed the sun setting.

The sun was in her eyes, she asked for a pair of sunglasses. I just happened to have some.

Then the inevitable post-tramatic-over jelly beaned- melt down ensued. Her cousins looked upon, incredulous that she could act so...

It was a very full and wonderful Easter 2012.


Five and Feeln Alive

He has no idea how much joy he brings to Andrew and I. No one could have ever told me how how this little boy could make my life so wonderful. Truly, each day he makes my heart just melt.
Nicholas tries diligently to do what is right, he is generous in sharing his toys, quick to apologize for any offense, and always, always, happy.

We merely have to pick up a baseball, football, or basketball, soccer ball, or golf ball and he is instantly in heaven. If we let him, he would play for hours upon hours. From the start, he has always been passionate about playing every sport. (the apple doesn't fall from the tree here)

Me: "Nicholas, if you eat your vegetables, you will be really fast." (a huge motivation in for him)
Nicholas: "Mom, if I eat these green beans will I be faster than Jesus?"
Me: "No Nicholas, no one is faster than Jesus"
Nicholas, "Well, I might be faster than Jesus"
and ever so often....
Nicholas: "Mom, I love you as big as the earth"
"Mom, I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength."
(taken from his night prayers to love Jesus with all his heart, soul, and strength - needless to say, I feel loved ;)
Nicholas: "Pudding, what is 5,000 plus 5,000? (blank stare by Christiana)...10,000!"
Andrew and I, "Nicholas, make a wish as you blow out your candles...what do you wish for?"
Nicholas: " Jesus"
(well, ok, that's a good answer I guess ;)


Life as we know it...

She looked like a fat wad of chewed pink bubble gum..mmm I squeezed as much as could. Legs crossed and arm hanging on the side - she swang forever.
Later that evening...a mowing party ensued.

We went for a drive, got icecream and then bathed our green and sugar coated three little pigs.