Sittn' in our Green Chairs...

For the past month, every ounce of spare time (or not) you will find us outside, and me, usually on my favorite green chair. The sun and the kids make sure I keep my priorities straight. Spring came very warm and very early. I don't care why, but I will enjoy it while it's here.
It's such a blessing to be able to sit and stare at God's beauty right before me in so many forms.
Of course...my husband and my children are up there in favorite things to watch...
This was Sunday. We woke up to an absolutely perfect day and walked to Mass. We came home and had a picnic lunch, per Nicholas' request. There was lots of lemonade and cookies and hotdogs on the grill with sauted green peppers and onions, yum! We were thanking God for such great gifts.

When it's warm - there's lots of skin around here - and we love it!