Seeing Stars...

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be blind and not be able to see the sky or the ocean or your husband and faces of your children. Or deaf and not be able to hear Handel's Messiah or their giggles and laughter. Often times, seeing the handicapped, I seriously contemplate not being able to use my legs to walk or even to run. I hope I thank God enough for the gift of all my senses. (while I'm at it - I would also like to thank him for my sense of taste because that potatoe salad and cheetos I had yesterday knocked my socks off) Anyways...

Tuesday night was one of those nights that I thanked God for my sight. It was the perfect summer night and I sat and watched, in joy, the face of my son. It was nothing extraordinary but his first         t-ball game. Sentimental much?


We talked about the first game for weeks, had extra practice (per Nicholas' request), and were dressed for the game at 7:30 a.m.  I'm not for certain who was more excited Andrew or Nicholas, but both were beaming. Andrew is the head coach so it is a Father-Son affair.

It was funny to hear over the speakers: "Nicholas Niewald in the hole"

Very serious coaching going on here...

                          Lovely assistance from Meech in watching "her royal fatness" so I could watch the game.

I was "that parent" who took 537 pictures of their child. :) Couldn't help it.

Christiana ran up to Nicholas and gave him a huge hug, then patted him on the back and said,
"You played really good Di-di, I saw you."

I am a parent to a 5 year old who is on an offcial t-ball team, how the heck did that happen?
Enjoying the moments!!


Swimwear 2012

I get excited for it every year.

The unveiling of her swimwear...she's my summertime treat.

Donning her very necessary swim cap...

                                               Hmm...jcrew lawn party anyone?

We are stuffed in there...and overflowing with squooshy goodness....


The Men I Love

Well, I found a few minutes to blog about the men in my life.

Andrew informed me that he is going out for a jog. It's 9:30p.m. If any of you know Andrew, this announcement came as a slight shock. The last time he jogged was October 2011 (8 months ago), at about this same time of night, to "train" for an FUS Rugby Alumni game. So...I'm curious to know the secret motivation behind this random run. But than again, it is just Andrew :)

He did thee sweetest thing for me for Mother's Day. I was taken aback when he paraded into our room Sunday morning with this....
He spent the week learning out to make Eggs Benedict and delivered it to me in bed. He got up at 6:30 that morning, since the directions said it would take 30 minutes, he allowed for 90 and thouroughly planned it all out. He googled things like what "simmer" and "broiler" meant. I am still in awe that he a) learned how to do it and b) mastered an difficult level cooking skill. He also made me coffee for the first time. I was so touched. It was amazing. This was his best mother's day gift yet!

Then there is this other little man in my life, somewhat shorter, but mostly the same face, has been seen lately with the following items in hand: baseball bat and or glove with a ball.

He asks to play every day, without fail. Just to see his face light up - I could throw him baseballs all day.

This picture will be imprinted on my mind, even when he turns 25, I will see this little boy, always brimming with happiness. He is about to go to baseball practice with Andrew. God truly has blessed me with his life and my heart is full with him in it.

Oh I love those two!!!


Spring and Summertime are hard for me to stay indoors for very long....the blog will be an online photo album for the time being.

We were recently up in Lincoln for Tim's surprise graduation party - for finishing Law School. Yay for Tim!! We had so much fun visiting cousins and eating all weekend.

My little heart breaker...

Lots of conversations amoung cousins took place on the swing...

Afternoon entertainment...

The big man on campus...

Christiana LOVES Sophie and "Fwoe"

Sip of Life Lately

If I could take a sip of life lately: it would be sweet as lemonade, as I watch the kids experience the wonder of holding baby chics and dancing in the rain; it would be strong a bold as coffee while finally finishing up the Fashion show, which took every ounce of strength in me; and it would be soothing as a glass of milk as I drank in some good family time with my sister Tricia, just what my soul needed. 

So here are some sips of life over that past month....

The sirens went off. First tornado of the season. Then the warning was lifted (apparently) and Andrew instisted on taking the kids out in the down pour. I'm glad I have a daring adventurous husband I can live vicariously through...and he gets me to be more daring than I naturally am.

I still watched from the window...they were so cute. Only lasted five whole minutes, but they had fun.

Our friends who live out in the country invited us over to see their new baby chicks and kittens. The kids jumped out of their skin in excitement. We had a bbq and bonfire and they got to ride in the wagon attached to a four-wheeler. It was a wonderful night out in the country.

Love the big open country and lots of room to run. All the kids ran up to the house and back several times...we all slept good that night ;)

Tricia and Phil surprised us with a visit!! We had so much fun. The boys went fishing and caught enough to feed an army.

Phil - a trophy catch....
Baby Juan is a favorite in our house

Some Highlights from the Pure Fashion Show....