Seeing Stars...

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be blind and not be able to see the sky or the ocean or your husband and faces of your children. Or deaf and not be able to hear Handel's Messiah or their giggles and laughter. Often times, seeing the handicapped, I seriously contemplate not being able to use my legs to walk or even to run. I hope I thank God enough for the gift of all my senses. (while I'm at it - I would also like to thank him for my sense of taste because that potatoe salad and cheetos I had yesterday knocked my socks off) Anyways...

Tuesday night was one of those nights that I thanked God for my sight. It was the perfect summer night and I sat and watched, in joy, the face of my son. It was nothing extraordinary but his first         t-ball game. Sentimental much?


We talked about the first game for weeks, had extra practice (per Nicholas' request), and were dressed for the game at 7:30 a.m.  I'm not for certain who was more excited Andrew or Nicholas, but both were beaming. Andrew is the head coach so it is a Father-Son affair.

It was funny to hear over the speakers: "Nicholas Niewald in the hole"

Very serious coaching going on here...

                          Lovely assistance from Meech in watching "her royal fatness" so I could watch the game.

I was "that parent" who took 537 pictures of their child. :) Couldn't help it.

Christiana ran up to Nicholas and gave him a huge hug, then patted him on the back and said,
"You played really good Di-di, I saw you."

I am a parent to a 5 year old who is on an offcial t-ball team, how the heck did that happen?
Enjoying the moments!!


Lindsay said...

Nicholas is a gift to all of us. What a good little boy he is.

AZ said...

Tears. I'm sure this was such a proud moment!! Just the first of hundreds of games to come for that little athlete, but this one will always be imprinted on your heart. Wish I could've been there! Thank you so much for capturing and sharing with us.