You've Got A Friend In Me

Ask Nicholas who his freinds are and he says, "I only have one friend....Henry."

Andrew and I were driving home - it was a gorgeous Sunday evening and we were talking about friendships. They are interesting - some take years, others are instant.

God really blessed us with our friends Joe and Marci. We share many nights and weekends together. Our children are the same ages so it is fun to share similar life changes and parenting highs and woes but even more so - our friendship was instantly deep because we shared the same passions about our faith, fighting similar daily battles to get to Heaven. It is such a gift from God to have sent them here, to have such friends and comrades as them!! It makes it easy when Nicholas and Henry are each other's best friends as well.

Last weekend we were honored to be the godparents of Bosco George, the newest little member. We were so happy for the invitation and will whole heartily accept the responsibilities of praying and caring for his little soul.



Do all moms get this excited when their children start to read? I didn't expect to be so thrilled. I'm not all about Nicholas being the smartest kid in the class or think he is gifted beyond years, BUT how fun it is to hear and see him start to read words?!!

This morning he was sitting at the bar eating breakfast and started to sound out the word on the fridge. (I got some Leapfrog Letters at a garage sale and the are AWESOME.)

Reading our first words:

I made some words on the fridge and he would sound them out and read them: fox, box, hot, pot, dad, and mom.

Then he gave me words he wanted to spell: jump, cold, cake, egg, and bee (hahah interesting choices)

He would tell me what letters the word needed and except for the extra e after cake and bee and g after egg- got them right! We had a fun time : ) Haha I couldn't believe it - I'm so proud of him!

I gave him a doughnut for doing such a great job. It was cherry with sprinkles. He asked,

"Mom, does this doughnut have sprinklers on it?"


Thank Yous

I think my heart truly beats faster and stronger during summer - I feel SO alive. My prayer of thanks to Jesus for my blessings is probably a million times stronger during summer. Maybe I'm more grateful because I have to suffer through a winter - who knows. Can't help but thinking about the goodness summertime brings.

Thank you my Jesus for:

1. Early Summer Mornings - waking up early and going outside, sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee or going for a walk is as good as butter on my soul.

2. Popsicles and Ice Cream - growing up, we ate ice cream once in a blue moon. It was a big ordeal and a huge priviledge. Now, well, living in a small town, it seems you get ice cream as often as you sweat. I still want to keep it a special treat for the kids, heck, I still get excited when I know we are going for ice cream. Watching them eat it eyes open wide as their tastebuds go crazy with all the sugar and extreme cold is hilarious and pure joy.

3. Mowing - now this may seem odd to most people, but again, childhood memories keep mowing a happy summertime activity. My dad would often make crazy paths in the grass and we would run around in them - our giant backyard became a giant maze. Now, Nicholas gets his little mower mows along with Andrew while Christiana usually finds some dirt piles to go through.

4. Fireworks and 4th of July - this holiday is a big ordeal. I'm now more aware and grateful for our soldiers after having two brother-in-laws and a close friend serve during war and seeing our flag wave gives me goosebumps. Now, with children, watching them watch the fireworks is something to look forward to.

5. Food and Drinks- oh my gosh, I've died like 40 times this summer eating amazingly crazy good food: mojitos, grilled chicken fajitas, apricot and peach pie, sweet tea, watermellon, fresh garden vegitables....

Thank God I was able to enjoy these top summer moments so far:

1. Puddings yogurt legs. I wish I had her legs.

2. Nicholas and his love for baseball. (and any sport with a ball) He wakes up from his nap practicing his swing. He asks "throw me the ball" and we pretend to throw him the ball. He swings at the dinner table and in the car and on the couch. Minor obsession here.

3. Cousins Time

Pudding was left out. Three's a crowd.

4. Aunt Mimi getting to spend summer with us!!

5. A friendship has blossomed: they make each other giggle, they wait for the other to wake up, show each other their treasures, and play all day long. (with a few, some days a lot, of squabbles in between.)

6. Nicholas' first movie: Toy Story 3 in 3D. I looked over at Nicholas and cried when Andy says goodbye to his toys and room and leaves for college.

7. Pudding in a tank top and yellow skirt - pinch me.

8. Yard games: Bocce Ball with the "four sistas" and Hilary and Marci ; ) and of course

9. Pap-paw time: I never want to take for granted I how much it means for me to have my father see and spend time with my kids. I hope they grow to know what an incredible selfless father he was and man that he is.

10. Uncle Pete and Uncle Paul....need I say more?