Do all moms get this excited when their children start to read? I didn't expect to be so thrilled. I'm not all about Nicholas being the smartest kid in the class or think he is gifted beyond years, BUT how fun it is to hear and see him start to read words?!!

This morning he was sitting at the bar eating breakfast and started to sound out the word on the fridge. (I got some Leapfrog Letters at a garage sale and the are AWESOME.)

Reading our first words:

I made some words on the fridge and he would sound them out and read them: fox, box, hot, pot, dad, and mom.

Then he gave me words he wanted to spell: jump, cold, cake, egg, and bee (hahah interesting choices)

He would tell me what letters the word needed and except for the extra e after cake and bee and g after egg- got them right! We had a fun time : ) Haha I couldn't believe it - I'm so proud of him!

I gave him a doughnut for doing such a great job. It was cherry with sprinkles. He asked,

"Mom, does this doughnut have sprinklers on it?"


Anna Liesemeyer said...

I didn't know this!! wow. He is so grown up! ...and a little smart...just a little;)

Anonymous said...

maybe we should get him "tested"