You've Got A Friend In Me

Ask Nicholas who his freinds are and he says, "I only have one friend....Henry."

Andrew and I were driving home - it was a gorgeous Sunday evening and we were talking about friendships. They are interesting - some take years, others are instant.

God really blessed us with our friends Joe and Marci. We share many nights and weekends together. Our children are the same ages so it is fun to share similar life changes and parenting highs and woes but even more so - our friendship was instantly deep because we shared the same passions about our faith, fighting similar daily battles to get to Heaven. It is such a gift from God to have sent them here, to have such friends and comrades as them!! It makes it easy when Nicholas and Henry are each other's best friends as well.

Last weekend we were honored to be the godparents of Bosco George, the newest little member. We were so happy for the invitation and will whole heartily accept the responsibilities of praying and caring for his little soul.

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