The County Fair

Growing up in cities, county fairs were novelties you read about in Charlotte's Web. But not here in Kansas. This is the real deal with blue ribbon cows, homeade pies, and ferris wheels. I know some of kids showing their prized sheep and horses!

Gabe and Anna met us there. It was a perfect evening, we listened to some local performances, visited with friends, ate free watermelon, and tasted homeade lemonade that was heaven.

By far, the best is being able watching my two munchkins. Christiana didn't peep, she stared at all the different people and Nicholas jumped out of his shorts upon seeing airplanes rides.

Why didn't anyone tell me this would be so fun? Can it get any better than to watch your kids giggle with delight when riding on a ferris wheel or petting a puppy? My heart was swelling just seeing them at the fair with their little eyes of wonder.


Anna Liesemeyer said...

such great pics maria! what a fun time:D

Angela Zuniga said...

Maria, this is PRECIOUS! I always love seeing your photos capturing some of the best moments of their childhood! Keep 'em coming... I miss ya'll so much!!

Lindsay said...

Her. face. in. the. goat. picture. Stop it.

The Trailovs said...

Maria- I love your small town life...beauty!!! Nicholas looks JUST like Andrew in the puppy pic....awww- precious.

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

Nicolas is the most squeezy-cute little guy....so sweet! Your kids are precious : )