Me, "Nicholas, what's on your head?"
Nicholas, "My helmet."

Me, "Ugh. This is so frusterating."
Nicholas, "Mom, are you happy or cross?"
(Nicholas is a somewhat Thomas the Tank die hard. They use dialect in the show such as, "Thomas was cross. He had been shunting frieght cars all day.")

Me, "Nicholas, why is Christiana crying?"
Nicholas, "I gave her two spankings."

Me, "Nicholas, can you finish her dinner please?"
Nicholas, "I can't, it's because I too berry tired."

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Rachel said...

Hi Maria!! I think you would be happy to know that Anna, Rebekah and I are sitting here in the Schlater family home enjoying your blog together on this fine Sunday morning :-) Keep the posts coming of your cutulous family. We love you!