The Bathing Experience

Whoa...so we attempt to give Nicholas his first bath (other than a sponge bath). We change his diaper which had been recently filled (we thought we were safe)....but no....after several attempts at getting the water temperature not too hot and not too cold, the bath tub is almost ready. Meanwhile, Nicholas jet sprays our entire countertop....we clean that up, place him in the tub and he starts to scream....we get him calmed down and it is peaceful for 30 seconds....then....gurgle gurgle gurgle....bubbles....he's pooped in the tub. We laughed pretty hard...changed the water...at this point he is wigging out...poor thing. He finally settled down once we got him out and swaddled in his little towel.

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Great Aunt Polly said...

My first ever blogging experience! I feel pretty hip and cool! Anyway, what a funny and familiar story with the baby bath! Trust me, it won't be the last time that happens! What adorable pictures of Nicholas wrapped in his bath towel! Gosh, can't get any cuter!