So...just a small blog to keep all family and friends up to date. This week we anxiously await baby niewald due April 2nd. We can not wait to see if it is a boy or girl and who it will look like : )


Anna said...

Maria-you are as beautiful as ever.....Andrew-you are beautiful too???

Can't wait to see the BABE-and introduce myself...:) love you all

Tricia Z. said...

Andrew and Maria, I miss you mucho mucho. We shall make a new mini movie starring baby niewald when you visit...oh yes, this will be better than the christmas one. ;) Maria, I hope that baby comes soon so you don't pop!
Can't wait! (Grace says she can't wait to meet her/him too).

Jacque said...

Maria-you look beautiful...I'm so excited for you and Andrew. Your life together will only get better. Sending our love from Charlotte! Jacque, Michael and little Lucia.