Visit from the Little Glow Worm

He is too cute for words. In our family, when you're born, you are donned with several nicknames. He has the biggest beautiful eyes and the plumpest cheeks. And when in his sleeper and night cap is a little glow worm.

It's bee one week since we baptized the little bulldog pup. What a special day and we were so grateful to share it with family.

I feel extra close to Dominic, since I was a proxy for Madeline and also because he is wearing my Baptismal gown ; ) (it's all I could find and Tricia forgot hers)

Proud Daddy and Big Brother John.

Even cousin Margaret came....walking and all.

Highlights of the weekend included:

Hearing every one's engagement stories...thanks Patrick!

Post Baptism musical entertainment by the Simpson brothers...impressive.

Three State Champion Wrestlers in the house- so there was a lot of wrestling...
Some really good stories...

More wrestling...

And Playtime with Baby Juan, who didn't take off his rosary the entire weekend. :)


AZ said...

I love that you called him little glow worm! hahah, so fitting. and the last photo stole my heart! Cousins are just the best!

Phillip and Tricia said...

Maria, thanks for posting this! I just now saw it! That was the best and much needed weekend. We want to come back for Easter but don't think it will happen. :( We miss you guys!!!