My Peanuts

I have so much fun with my kids. I'm so lucky, they make me belly laugh and give me all the visual entertainment I need most days. This Halloween was one such occasion. Nicholas was Charley Brown and Christiana was Lucy.

Halloween couldn't have been better. Lindsay and John, Samantha, Kristin and Jora, Anna and Gabe, Joe and Marci, Kathryn, Maris, and Kev, and all our kids and twenty strollers, trooped around town Saturday.

There was a full moon and warm weather, perfect for trick or treating; we finished the night with a big chili feed with our over tired and over-sugared kids, but it made for a great Halloween!

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Angela said...

BAHAHA!!!! Christiana looks hilarious :)

The Trailovs said...

totally stealing your idea next year....love, love, love it! they are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

really maria???? tim and i are crackingup at her face and feet kicked in the air- WOW

Natalie Catherine said...

maria!!!! this is soooo adorable! haha. love it.