Lest We Forget...

I am still thinking back to Labor Day weekend when my whole family drove all they out here to Kansas to visit Anna and I. Tricia and Phil came from Colorado and Ange and Emily all they from OHIO. Who does that? Ange.

It was pure happiness and buckets of fun. They night they came in I literally made 45 thousand enchiladas and 5lbs of rice. With all of us, and spouses, and a few cousins who decided to jump in the van, it was 30 some odd people.

We played lots of games, sat out by the bonfire at night, eat and drank and were merry ; ) I still can't believe everyone was able to come (minus Jane on her coworker year whom we greatly missed)

Some of life's best moments are those shared with my family.

The Pregos...with Phil trying hard to be one too.

A mad game of Monopoly Deal. It should be duly noted that I won every game.

I'm sure my neighbors think we are some church organization...there was a motley crew in our front yard for days...

The infamous fishing excursion. The men came back with many fish stories that will now be among the family tales for years to come.

We couldn't squeeze Nana any harder. We love her dearly.


Mary @ RoomPolish said...

oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun! What a sweet picture at the end. Love it, Maria!

Gabriel and Anna said...

That last picture kills me!!!
Thank you again a million times for the 5 pounds of rice and million enchiladas!!!

Margaret B said...

Oh! Looks like so much fun! Just found your blog!