I would like to remember tonight and life right now in these moments. I'm likely to forget. Nicholas is 4 1/2 Christiana almost 3 and Avila 4 months...their ages and this phase of life is prime childhood state and when family life for Andrew and I is in full swing. I know this is currently "the good ole days" when the kids are so little. Everything in their eyes is magical, new, and evokes so much wonder.

Nicholas and Christiana have such a strong sibling friendship. It is even virtuous. Christiana always makes sure "Didi" has a snack. Nicholas always reaches up to turn the bathroom light on for Pudding so she doesn't have to go in the dark. They wake up anxious to start their play time, usually being trains or cars.

Almost every day these past few weeks they wake up and look outside and yell, "Mamma the leaves are turning colors!! Fall is coming!!" Then Nicholas will ask if we can drink hot cider and make cookies (because that is what they did in a book we read).

On Saturday went on an "adventure" to Meechies backyard and collected different colored leaves to paste onto paper. Christiana relished using the glue stick and generously coated her leaves over and over.(which when stuck to paper were missing most of their shape and she noticed and said they had holes in them).

Nicholas calculates the months and goes over in his head that summer is ended, this means it is fall and that means winter is coming which means snow. The only sad part about fall for him is that it is too cold to wear his basketball shorts. Since football is is favorite sport (or whatever sport is in season is favorite) he is seen on Saturdays in his helmet and mimicking all the college pros play by play on tv....in our living room. We kindly remind him not to takle Pudding.

Introducing holiday activities to them is a highlight to my life. Since I am sentimental and love traditions, I LOVE being able to start traditions with them.

Tonight was Pumpkin Carving night. As Zuniga tradition would have it, it is proper to wait to Halloween weekend or the night before to carve the pumpkin. Dad would make us each draw out a pumpkin face and he would pick a winner - usually eyes, nose, and mouth each from a different sibling. Then he would start carving - by all means SAVE THE SEEDS! - because mom loves to roast them. Then the lights go out and the "Great Pumpkin" visits...we tell stories and with the candle-lit pumkin and there are usually treats on the floor when the lights come on. This tradition has evolved over many years in our house.

This year the kids are old enough to start something fun. I got them bathed and in their pjs and told them we could have a "Family Movie Night" with popcorn and fruit snacks (a big deal in our house). So I you-tubed Charlie Brown's Halloween. After the show we got out the newspaper and knives and carved away. They ooed and awed at the insides that came out. Avila was kind to let us work while she watched in her swing. We lit the candle and turned out the lights. They loved it. I loved watching them. We then proceeded to have a dance party in the living room. It was a good night.

I'm looking forward to trick or treating this year because Christiana is old enough to remember it and I can't wait to see the reaction on her face when she gets candy at each door in her pillowcase. Lord, thank you for the gift of children.

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Anna of IHOD said...

This post was good for the heart and soul. Its funny cuz just today I had that realization that I was in the middle of the best of the best mommy years. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories!