This is view I got walking into the bathroom yesterday....

Clothes are completely off because she had her hot pink snowman onsie pajamas on.

I admit I didn't come to her assistance right away (ok or the first 8 times she announced she was done) so, as Pudding does, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Pun intended. She also says the whole phrase, I Am (not I'm) Done, and it makes me laugh every time.


Klare Family said...

cute. I fear potty training. maria is already trying to wipe, but how do i get her interested in the toilette?? oy.

Andrew and Maria said...

yes...I DISPISE potty training. I'm convinced there should be a business started so you can hire out. but alas....we didn't potty train her until she was 2...and it took 2 months till we were scott free of accidents/sleep through the night etc. Not sure she was ever interested. ha.Nicholas took 2 days, but different temperment and he was 3. It's also better in summer with less clothing to work with. Either way, it's a test of everyone's will. If you find a some good tips let me know! :)