My Pseudo French Escape

One of my favorite places to eat was the La Madeline...a french cafe chain that featured classical music and brick fireplaces with authentic french cuisine that one could take to go or dine in. It was the perfect place for my love of food, music, and the quaint.

(side story)Andrew and I would frequent the one we lived across from in Houston. I tried to take Nicholas there when he was but 4 days old...a very naive first time mother - he screamed - we left - I got a breast infection...very low moment.

Anyways...The saying "necessity is the mother of invention" rang true here...since I'm sans restaurants and bakeries or a grocery store that carries french bread, I was forced to make my own ;)

I'm often found wanting a loaf of french bread around to add to dinner or for a more exciting lunch. Thanks to pinterest, found this easy recipe and made it. Wasn't sure how it would turn out or taste compared to regular bread, but the vinegar in the recipe gives it a little zing. It came out rather large...maybe because the heat made it rise faster?

So this morning, found the classical symphonic station on Pandora, and I had my french bread with homemade apricot jam and coffee and for a few brief moments, in between diaper changes and little people needs, La Madeline came to me ;)

Such a food lover...what most people would probably find mundane or try to avoid...cooking is usually therapeutic for me. I'm always thinking about meals and food and new recipes.

                          Lunch makeover with french bread.

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