Over the Weekend

On Friday we excitedly piled up in the car to pick Nicholas up from school. We got there early to make a little visit to Jesus...I had to sit in front of Him and ask, or beg Him to keep Nicholas close to his heart. It is a new concept for me to essentially leave him in the care and guidance of another individual. The letting go and trusting God part though is a familiar yet always difficult concept.

Highlight of the day: Getting to hold the class lizard.

Him and Christiana were inseparable when he got home and disappeared to play for hours.

And these two are quickly becoming buddies.

On Friday night the school hosted a "Back To School Night" and featured the candy canon and a movie on the football field.
The white specs in the picture actually candy.

Comparing Treats
Trying hard to cover their ears and hold on to their treats.

Watching the movie...Avila stayed in that position all of 2.1 seconds.

 Saturday morning we said goodbye to Damaris leaving for college. Nicholas has a special love for Maris.

They will miss their Aunts!!

How great is this picture?
Saturday night we rang in Joe and Andrew's birthdays with dinner at a BBQ joint with some friends. It was perfect bonfire weather...and our teeny fire pit still provided us with a great fire and lots of good stories. ;)
The Birthday Bonfire

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