Birthday Gifts on a Budget

Everyone has 10 Minutes and $2....

In the time it would take you to run to a store, park, find a gift, stand in line, and travel back home - you can make this UNIQUE and FUN birthday gift for a boy or girl. OR just do it for fun on a rainy or snowy day!

Do You See What I See? Birthday Gift

OR Spruce up candy with fun packaging!

Sweedish Fish: Sweet Treat or Party Favor:

So, I'm not good at saving money by any means - let's just get that out there. BUT...I recently finished an enlightening book, "The Millionaire Next Door" that has at least helped me to become more aware of my expenses.

A sporadic yet consistent expense: BIRTHDAYS! There is usually one every month and it adds up fasts!

I LOVE GIVING GIFTS. My little sister and princess Grace has her birthday on Tuesday. My first reaction was to buy this cute Melissa and Doug jewelry box that you could decorate yourself.

The IDEA....Wouldn't it be fun to send her something different, a fun craft she could do with my mom and be a gift as well!

A version of these were in the little toy store, but I made my own = this one costs maybe $2 because I used what I had from home:


1. Rice

2. Craft Paint
3. Plastic Bags

4. Empty vitamin container (These are the best because the lids are "child proof" and they can't open them).

5. Small random objects from around the house.

6. Ribbons and Tissue (saved from old gifts). It's all about the presentation!!!

Step 1: Put about 2 cups of rice (depending on size of your jar) in a plastic bag and add 2-3 squirts of craft paint. Coat the rice in the paint to make it a fun color for a boy or girl.

Step 2: I found some random objects lying around the house, it's best if they are small, different colors and textures. These were specific for a little girl.

Fun items for a little boy to find.
Step 3: Make a list of the items you put in the jar. If it is for a gift, put the rice and items in separte bags and wrap them in a box with some fun tissue and ribbon.
Or start playing instantly and ask the kids: Do You See What I See? Ask them if they can find some of the objects.
It's a great take-along toy for the car or for church too ; )
VARIATION: Dump them in a shallow dish. The kids (2-4 year olds) can play Treasure Hunt and dig out the hidden treasures in the rice.


Natalie Catherine said...

this is such a good idea!!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

oh my gosh I love this idea Maria! SOOO cute!
Can you give one to Gaber next year??;)

Anonymous said...

That's so clever!!

Angela Zuniga said...

Can you make ME one?! ;)

Black Family said...

great idea. I love it and am always looking for fun, great ideas for the kids!! our big thing is playing eye spy in the car so we'll have to try this on our long trip to NE next month!!