Wintertime Entertainment

Staying indoors is rough on little people. But I stumbled upon two things that have kept BOTH my one year old and three year old occupied for over an HOUR!!

Christiana LOVES taking off lids and putting items in and out of containers, as do many one year olds at this stage. It builds great fine motor skills.

I was busy trying to make dinner one day and gave her this little jar of beef cubes. She sat and emptied them and put them back in the jar for over an hour! They continued to keep her very busy all week!

Beef cubes anyone? It must be the shiny red foil combined with the perfect size cubes and glass jar that makes this an AMAZING TOY.

After a few days, I found her grimacing....she got curious and decided to taste the shiny red squares and got a shot of intense beef flavor in her mouth.

I tried to think of something just as shiny with texture and thought of tinfoil. I rolled little pieces of foil up into balls and she loved it just as much.

Every mom should have a home-made playdough recipe on hand. I remember making playdough several times as a kid. Nicholas is at the age where he loves to help dump and stir in the kitchen. It's so fun seeing the transformation of "soup" into playdough.

Making an Indoor Snowman is my kind of Snowman!!

10 Minute Playdough Recipe:

2 Cups Flour

2 Cups Water

4 Tsps. Cream of Tarter

2 Tsps. Oil

1 Cup Salt

Food Coloring.

In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients and sift together well. Add water and oil and stir until well combined. Pour mixture into a small saucepan and stir frequently over low heat for about 10 minutes. It will turn from a soupy mixture into what looks like bread dough. Remove from pan and let cool. Mine wasn't sticky, but you can add more tarter if it is. I didn't add food coloring which would be so much more fun, but he still enjoyed playing.


Anna Liesemeyer said...

you are the coolest mom ever.

Natalie Catherine said...

oo i'm going to try this recipe out! sophia would love it!