The Inseperables

These two are such chums....truly they wake up and play all day with each other. They are the Fox and the Hound and their friendship makes my heart melt. When one is up - they have to wake the other so they can start playing.

Their conversations are amusing and they often remind each other to use good manners or remember rules and often make each other belly laugh. When given a snack, Christiana always asks to get one for "Didi" (her sometimes nickname for Nick-o-nus).

She gives it to him, but says, "Ha do you ask Didi?" Upon which Nicholas obediently replies, "Please."

They are especially fun to take places these days. Nicholas watches over Pudding and guards her like a dog. Christiana follows him and can proudly do whatever Nicholas does with loads of confidence.

Yesterday we met up with dad and brought a picnic lunch to the little middle school track meet. After a few races, Nicholas asked if he could race. He got in his stance, asked me to fire a gun, and ran like the wind with very fierce determination. Pudding followed suit, only her running was a puttering widdle waddle trot.

Nicholas in his starting blocks

They both decided sunglasses were suddenly necessary to properly view the races.

It was an entertaining afternoon out to say the least.


Kristi said...

This is so cute! This makes me want Anthony to grow so much faster! Gabriel is already telling him, "Come play. Walk." Thanks for sharing the love of siblings. Hope you are well.

Anna of IHOD said...

I want to eat them! I laughed so hard over "Ha do you ask Didi?"