May Days with Cousin Gabe

Yesterday it was finally warm enough for water.

Cousin Gabriel has NO FEAR and is quite the dare devil. He made Nicholas, who is the "oh so catious first born", double over with giggles, as he would belly slide, go down backwards and head dunk without any quams. They enjoyed a few hours of going up and down the slide together.

Pudding, like a proper lady, decided to sit and sun bathe with her momma...who is feeling quite puffy these days.


katie said...

You are such a cute mama! So happy to hear you are expecting :) Happy Mother's Day!

Klare Family said...

Just took a moment to catch up on your life... shew girl! So much I have been missing here lately. The kids look great, you look BAAAeautiful, and can't believe how time is flying.
Miss you cuz. love you.

Anna of IHOD said...

I need to get some of these pics from you. Such happy memories:)