Musings and Amusing

I will forget these someday...so I must write them down. Will we be able to still access our blogs 20 years from now? How am I going to print this thing?Well anyways....

Christiana's Lines as of Late:

"Shoot! I forgot puppy." or "Shoot, we late". Many things are preceded by "shoot" these days.

"Can I use Daddy's poop-paste?" (Dad's toothpaste must taste better?)

Nicholas struggling to get out of his seatbelt is encouraged by Christiana sitting in the seat next to him, "Try hawdoe and hawdoe Didi." ...means try harder and harder Nicholas.

"Monchum, Monchum." I've been trying to figure out for weeks what this means. She uses it randomly. I think it means a lot. She sometimes develops her own words for things.

"No wet me, wet me." ....means, no let me, let me....very independent this one.

At night, we are often entertained by hearing the following songs sung in crib at the top of her lungs in no particular order over and over:

Peter Cottontail, Old Me donal (Old McDonald), Cruelly Aboo (Cruella Devil), Twinkle Twinkle Litle Staw, ABCs, and Hail Mary.

She LOVES to sing.

Amusing Happenings...

Incedent 1:

Sitting down in the pew at church and giving a big wave to the alter, "Hi Jesus!" copied by Christiana with a wave and a, "Hi Jesus."
Then Nicholas asks Andrew and I to wave and say hi.

So there we all are waving to Jesus.

Incedent 2:

One day while eating breakfast, they each hand me their pretend catipillars to hold. "They so cute Mom," Christiana always says. They are also intermittenly handing me pretend food to eat and so on.

I was distracted and telling them they should eat when I hurriedly pretended to eat what was in my hand, forgeting that it was their pretend catipillars.

They both looked at me with wide eyes of shock. I felt horrible, but was crying laughing at what had just occured; I had "eaten" their catipillars. Then Nicholas asked me if I was crying because I ate the catipillar. Oh my.


Laura and family said...

hahah! Thanks for the good laughs Maria. I am just cracking up picturing all of you in church waving to Jesus ;) and later eating caterpillars. The hearts of your children are so precious!

Soutenus said...

Oh my! I was laughing and smiling from way down deep in my heart as I read this!
I am so glad you have a blog so I can keep up with you.
I was just talking to an old Northwoods friend and saying what an awesome person I thought you were and that I missed you.
Then I remembered you had a blog and that I had saved the address . . . somewhere. LOL
Well, I think St. Anthony helped me find it.

Bless you and yours! Kisses to your little ones (even though I have only officially met them through your pics and stories).

Do you know that I am a grandmom now? :-)

Peggy Cortez