The "Summer Nights" Dinner Party on the Lawn

I've always wanted to do a party in on a summer night in June...under the trees with white lights. I know...so sentimental and ridiculous, but I can't help it.

(The Invites)

So, maybe it was part of my pregnancy nesting phase or just my party planning gene....but we had one and it was lovely.
The Set Up....We strung white lights, put out lawn furnature, lit tiki torches, and set out the fire pit.
Thank goodness for my partner in crime and her husband...they came over and did most of the manual laber I couldn't do... I'm half surprised the baby didn't slip out because I could have swore at about 6p.m. I was trying to after all cooking and cleaning rampage.

Food and Beverage....The drink on the house was White Wine Sangria and we served Buffalo Chicken Sandwhiches and Burgers with Fry Sauce. Everyone else brought their own beverage of choice and dishes of delight to share.

Lawn Games.... were not lacking. Polish Horshoes, Bocci Ball and Washers were competively played during the course of the evening.

The Music....The playlist included Michael, Jack, and Dave (Buble, Johnson, and Mathews) with Gypsie Kings, Josh Viettti, and several others making their way in. It was just right upbeat, yet relaxed. I'm a firm believer in the right music sets the tone of the party...but I could be the only that notices.

Minus a few hundred misquitos, which we quelled by drenching in bug spray and lighting candles, it was a wonderful night with some of our great couple friends.

(the girls...many from Bible study we did together during Lent this year)

So we ate, played, and talked into the evening and enjoyed the blessings and celebration that summertime brings. I think maybe we'll make this a June tradition.


Anna of IHOD said...

such a fun night:D

Anna of IHOD said...

With a wonderful hostess I might add...;)

Larita paban said...
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