Newest Little Princess

When I was little, my dad would tell me and my sisters that we were princesses. He would say, "You are princess because you are a daughter of God and He is the King."

I believed him and still do.

I told Nicholas and Christiana that Avila was becoming a princess today because she was getting Baptized. They have no idea what Baptism means - Andrew told them it's when you make Jesus your best friend...simplistic version...they may still not really get it, but someday I hope they will.

For the big day we asked our close friends Joe and Marci to be her godparents and invited a few friends and Mech to celebrate with us.

Last night at 7p.m. I called a friend to borrow a baptismal gown (rememberd and forgot for 2 weeks).

At 10 p.m. Andrew and I started cleaning our house and preparing all the wonderful food: homemade cinnamon rolls and quiche lorraine with fresh strawberry grapefruit juice....soooo good. (on a side note: Thank you Andrew for vacuuming, sweeping, and moping the floors in good humor and to country music...you make life fun when it could/should be otherwise stressful.)

And at 8 a.m. this morning I ran to the store for Maple flavoring for the icing on the cinnamon rolls.

At 10a.m. on the dot we pulled into the parking lot. We miraculously made it to Mass just in time. Again, thank you Andrew for leaving in the first reading to go all the way home to get the pacifer I forgot. (got love our 2 min. drive to church).

At 11 a.m. Avila Maria became the newest little princess in the church...then she following the ceremony preceding to sleep away her celebration until 8p.m. this evening.

Now starts our incredible task of helping her to love God and attain Heaven...and so we begin!

Nicholas passing out booklets

Please note our son's face...hmmm....I'm sensing class clown.

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Laura and family said...

Congratulations to your family Maria! Your kids are all so adorable. Christiana sure looks grown up though.

Would you explain how you came to choosing her name and how you pronounce it? I hope I'm saying it right... but if I am, I love it! It's so unique and beautiful, perfect for a sweet little girl.

P.S. Love Nicholas' face while you and Andrew are so peaceful :)