Wearing Our Party Pants

We were wearing our party pants today to celebrate your one month of little life!!

Already different and unique in your own little way.....

Your funny with your prefrences:

No milk (that is, you do not like when I eat any dairy products. I wouldn't either if I had gas like you).

Only agree to lay on your stomach.

Would rather suck a small pacifer if given the option.

You despise your carseat....however, if rocked and pacifer in, we can convince you that life will go on.

With all these tiny little requests fulfilled, you are now as quiet as a lamb and as sweet as can be.

You fall asleep on your own now without a peep.

However, it takes twenty minutes to wake you up in the middle of night because you are so deep and you forget you are hungry.

Shhh...we aren't telling everyone that your hair on top fell out and that your hair line and double chin resemble that of Fred Mertz. That's our little secret - we still love you dearly. The akward phase will not last long....your eyes are deep blue and your cheeks so plump that your cuteness will soon trump out the bald spot.

The sweetest and best part about you is that at three weeks you smiled when we talked to you! Now you try very hard to talk back to us with such deep concentration. This makes my heart swell. ; )

Oh how we love our Avila.


Anonymous said...

awww maria shes so big already! what a little love. miss you guys.

Lindsay said...

Did you notice her eyebrows look EXACTLY like Nicholas'? THAT is crazy. Lucky girl.