Well I know what I'm doing...

In light of everything, I am reminded of my serious responsibility to be holy as God wants me to be holy and help my children desire Heaven more than anything the world has to offer (or not offer).

I realize it is not in my control, they will have free will and one day will decide for themselves to love God and be faithful Catholics or not, but I have the duty to show them truth, show them the beauty of God and living honestly and sincerly for Him. That I can and must do.

I  can pray and sacrifice for them now, because at the end of life, that is really all that matters, our love for God. My greatest hope and aspiration for them is to make it to Heaven. This effort on my part, is first and foremost, before God, what I will be held accountable for.

In the face of much moral relativism and lack of conviction, with God's grace, we go ahead with more vigour, more energy, more courage.

Part of this responsibility has concretely come in the form of doing this: Total Consecration To Mary. I've been thinking about doing this for years. Finally, our parish is doing it and handed out these books.
The reflections each day are rivoting. It is for Andrew and I, our children, and future children. I have tremendous peace placing them in her hands, as she will lead them to God.

And speaking of the little saints ;) here they are in the making...I think they succeed in giving little gifts of sacrifice and trial to their mother more so at the moment.

 I'll be a saint or a psycho...but a least they are cute ;)

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A Zuniga said...

I love your little saints in the making! You are such an incredible mother praying for them and forming them the way you do. Can't wait to strive to be the same when I have little ones.