I've stepped back from many commitments. It's allowed for long deep slow breathing...and taking up things like pie baking and crocheting. Am I 60?

 Oh well. I love the living part of not being crazy busy...I notice more, I am more present to my husband and children, and to God.

A few highlights of November in between restful peacefull days of fall....

Pie Baking Class in Iowa at the American Gothic House. What an adventure and life long skill learned. ;)

tp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CG_Jo98Ul_E/UOcKnXYkmPI/AAAAAAAADvk/VTHQKfZNYmw/s640/IMG_2405.JPG" width="640" />
Andrew's sister Kristin moved to Beloit, Yay to cousins!! Warm day fall picnic :)
Dad Time
Floral Arrangement Class

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: The Veteran's Day Parade 

We invited friends over for Pre-Parade Tailgate since the big bands warm up in front of our house! Hot Apple Cider and Apple Cider Doughnut Holes were shared ;)

                                      Good Grief Time goes by fast! Vet's Day 2008!
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VET'S DAY 2010

Vet's Day 2012

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