A lot of little life has been lived over these past two months by the people of this house. Nothing shinning or spectacular, but all subtle and special.

Cars would be Nicholas' latest hobby.
Advent came and we did our best to live each day well. This year, Nicholas and Christiana remembered Christmas so I wanted to especially introduce the most important aspects of the holiday by starting traditions rich and old in our faith so they would remember them as deeply apart of Christmas. My mom was a master at doing this with our family growing up, always coming up with creative ways to help us love baby Jesus.

We tried to really celebrate all the important feast days in December, like the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Saint Nicholas and Saint Lucy.

Miraculous Medal Craft via Catholic Icing.

Manger scene was fodder for their daily play...I would have loved to know what was going on in this scene.
Lindsay found and printed off, "Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family", which shares ample amounts of wisdom, and used many of it's advent activities.

Each day they would try and earn a sticker for doing acts of kindness for Jesus.
"And why are you doing acts of kindness?" I would often ask, "So you can make your hearts bigger and soft for Jesus to come on Christmas!"

Baby Jesus had some unlikely guests.

Christiana loved to set the table or get me Avila's diapers and wipes out. She even let go of precious toys and took turns. Nicholas was eager to "Yes Mom" promptly and joyfully when asked to do a chore. They were so careful to be obedient. When Christiana started to waver or whine, Nicholas would gently remind her that she didn't want to be put on Santa's "naughty" list.

I giggled just watching them take it so seriously, but then I realized that their attitudes and behavior was EXACTLY what Christ was talking about when he said we must be like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They believed every word I said with such simple faith and didn't argue or question and were so eager to love in their daily duties. It was good for me to see them, not without struggle, but purely trying hard. I learn a lot from those two little people.

Another little person gave me many other opportunities to have my own heart grow, in her very own special way.

Lots of all out fit throwing, hitting, screaming, squealing, screeching, not sure what she wants, eat on the hour and during the hour, destructive, lover of danger somebody. But I love every bit of that 2 foot squatty body.

HIGH TERROR ALERT....do not be decieved by appearances.
Stuffing beads in her belly was a favorite pastime this month.

Jesus must have been born in her heart this Christmas, because since we got home, she has been showering us with hugs using both arms squeezed around our neck and lots of kisses with her eyes closed. Maybe she is making up for her reign of terror during November and December.

 So we tried hard NOT to hustle and bustle and really prepare...
Other December Activities Included:
~Nicholas' First Christmas Program

~A surprise trip to the see the Isle of Lights (thanks Pinterest) on the Feast of St. Lucy (Patron of Light and the blind)

Notes for Next Year:
1. Let hot chololate cool for at least an hour before giving it to children in the car. It may otherwise spill on them as they try to drink it and cause confusion and delay.

2. Don't give Avila a candy cane until the last part of the ride in order to appreciate the all the lights without screaming in the background. 

~Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta and Pinata(to chaotic to remember to take pictures)

~ A Christmas Tea

~Christmas Party with good Friends

Christmas Mintute to Win It Games...so.darn.funny

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