Books, Bumps, and Kung Po

So, I've been informed that January is Accident Awareness Month.

Within the past 48 hours we have had 1 busted all-the-way-through lip, 2 head first falls (feet in the air), and 14 trips and slips. Between Avila and Christiana, I will need triple bi-pass surgery by the end of the month.

I'm praying for the grace to have more sympathy than to stare in utter bewilderment and dismay.

Avila Maria.
Alias:  "Adrenalin Junkie" or "Evil Kneivil".

Don't be deceived by appearances to think otherwise ;)

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 for Family Movie Night and it hit me.

Our own personal Kung Po Panda...


Similarities: Love for Food, Going shirtless and letting that big belly hang over her pants, Somebody Thinks she can do Kung Fu moves...it has left her with a big lower lip.
Andrew thought her new haircut last week leaves her somewhat gender neutral. :)

Earlier today we took a family outing to the Library and I got to check out some of my favorite books....for the kids ;)

We read some chapters from Charlotte's Web and Nicholas and Christiana (and their mother) were completely engaged in it's wonderful story.

The newest Book on the NookLes Miserables by Victor Hugo. I'm only a few chapters in, but it promises to be 12 billion times better than the movie, although I did love the musical score of the Broadway show and latest movie.


Klare Family said...

sweet avila!!! Just pad her up with some pillows and duct tape and she'll be fiiiine! hahaa!

AZuniga said...

kung po somebody is seriously TO DIE FOR! ohhh my goodness I just want to squeeze that chub. Such a cutie!!