The Surprise Visit

Oh my heart swelled when I got a call Friday from my mom to say they were going to stop in and visit on their way back from Colorado.

It was like an 80 degree sunny blue sky day in the middle of January to my heart.

There was a big brunch, coffee talks, games, races in the backyard, a big dinner, smoothies and a movie....mostly there was FAMILY.

Nothing could be sweeter.


Colleen said...

Wait, do you have siblings the same age as your kids? That would be so cool!

AZuniga said...

So fun that they got to stop in!! What a treat for everyone. :) I love the pic of Dad doing pushups with Pudding... flashbacks!

Klare Family said...

oh my gosh i could eat nicholas' face right up on that last pic! so cute. ... i am so happy your parents got to see you. i can only imagine what that does for you to see them!