Camping in the Rocky Mountains

We loaded up cars and camping gear for 20....

It was an adventure in every essence.

We explored in clear running streams, fished, hiked, picked wild flowers (apparently illegally) and looked out over mountain peaks that took our breath away.

How could this face of Isaac not take your breath away?! 

That was the romantic side to our adventure. On the reality side...well it wasn't too bad, a few minor meltdowns daily from her royal highness you know who, but no broken bones or bears.

My Top 10 Best Highlights of the trip...

1. Bacon and Eggs over the campfire in the morning.

There was a very spoken rule among the men that in order to be cook at the campfire you had to take your shirt off...and then it sort of stuck around the whole weekend.

2. Being able to take in the magnificence of the mountains beside my best friend and husband. They are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. 

3. Drinking coffee in the early morning with dad and sisters, on the front porch of the cabin. 

4. Watching them as they watched and wondered.

5. Spending time with siblings who live very far far away....camping brought out our pseudo survival sides to say the least.


 7. Getting to see my Mom and Dad and camping with my Mom and Dad!

8. Witnessing the making of best buddies as Aunt and Nephew

9. Hiking around Bear Lake 

10. Sitting with all my family members around the campfire, the front porch of the cabin drinking coffee, and the dinner table feeling fully blessed and getting a glimpse of Heaven. 

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Anna @ IHOD said...

Thank you for this!
Can feel like I was right there:)